2017 Closed Transactions

2 Sapphire Ln, Franklin Park                   Represented Buyer

7 Chamberlin Ct., Cranbury                     Listing Sold

14 North Main St., Cranbury                    Listing Sold

2 Randall Dr., Monmouth Junction           Listing Sold

16 Magnolia Ct. Monroe                          Listing Sold

19 Liedtke Dr., Cranbury                         Represented Buyer

588 Sayre Dr., Plainsboro                       Listing Sold

12 Danser Dr., Cranbury                         Listing Sold

287 Clarksville Rd., WW                         Listing Sold

14 Hagerty Ln., Cranbury                       Listing Sold

17 Liedtke Dr., Cranbury                        Represented Buyer

19 Bodine Dr.,  Cranbury                       Represented Buyer

7 Bristol Ct., Skillman                             Represented Buyer



2016 Closed Transactions

18 Old Cranbury Rd., Cranbury                Represented Buyer

69 Old Trenton Rd., Cranbury                  Represented Buyer

130 Shadybrook Ln., Princeton                Listing Sold

10 Leeds Ln., Monroe                              Represented Buyer

17 Scudder Dr., Ewing                             Represented Buyer

76 Old Trenton Rd., Cranbury                  Listing Sold

56 Washington Dr., Cranbury                   Listing Sold

7 Evans Dr., Cranbury                              Listing Sold

216 Maxwell Ave., Hightstown                 Listed and Sold

31 Maplewood Ave, Cranbury                  Listing Sold

1284 South Barkley, North Brunswick      Listing Sold

183C Old Nassau Rd, Monroe                 Represented Buyer

217 Waverly Ct., Robbinsville                  Represented Buyer


2015 Closed Transactions (Team Transactions)

129 Dey Rd., Cranbury                             Listing Sold

7 Monroe Pl., Cranbury                            Listing Sold

65 South Main St., Cranbury                    Listing Sold

61 South Main St., Cranbury                    Listing Sold      

65 Dorann Ave., Princeton                       Listed and Sold

17 Marvin Ct., Lawrence                          Represented Buyer

93 North Main St., Cranbury                    Represented Buyer

17 Napa Ct., Monroe                               Listed and Sold

29 Maplewood Rd., Cranbury                  Sold